Building Retirement Income

Companies that provide retirement plans for their employees are increasingly becoming extinct. In addition, the average person will change jobs approximately five(5) times prior to reaching retirement age. This has made it necessary for individuals to take charge of their retirement account if they hope to receive income once reaching retirement age. Employee Benefit Consultants focuses on plans that offers maximum growth potential and protection from decline as market conditions are negatively affected. Our plans are good fits for:

  • Individuals that regularly contribute to a retirement account.
  • Individuals that have changed jobs and have access to lump sum 401k's
  • Teachers, federal, postal, city and state employees concerned about protecting and growing funds from thrift savings plans , plops and 401k's prior to taking a stream of income for life.
  • Individuals with accounts that have decreased due to recent market conditions.

Find out what your retirement number should be so you will have the income you are looking for at retirement age.